NSCS – The Free Ride & Germ Roll Call

I helped out with this ad while at Cirkus

NSCS “The Free Ride” by Cirkus from Cirkus on Vimeo.

NSCS “Germ Roll Call” by Cirkus from Cirkus on Vimeo.

I did the Modeling,Texutring and Shaders for Tuberculosis,Tuberculosis’s wife, and Hand foot and mouth disease.

Hand, Foot, and mouth disease


Working at Cirkus is always fun because of the unique and playful style they use. I did the modeling and texturing for this character as well as some animation for some shots. We used a tile-able bump map which had finger prints as well as clay marks to overlay on the shader.

For parts like the mouth we just rendered it in it’s own pass so we can just mask out the inside of the mouth with the black solid.



For Tuberculosis and his wife we also followed the same approaches. Tile-able bump map as well as rendering the mouth separate. Because his mouth is above his head we discussed how it looked if he was smiling or frowning since his face is upside down. I found that I sometimes associated the smile or frown in relation to position of the eyes since those are the land marks on the face for expression.

However we still stuck with the design and the art director was happy with it.