Air NZ – Beuno Aires

This was another ad I helped out with while at Blockhead

Air New Zealand-Buenos Aires- A better Way to fly from Blockhead Ltd. on Vimeo.

Did another Freelance contract at Blockhead to work on the series of ads for Air New Zealand. I was hired as a 3D Generalist to help out in the areas they needed a extra hand with.

Some of the shots I worked on


I light and rendered this scene. There wasn’t anything too special to consider for this scene.


There were some problems with the neck of the goose where the fur cards would intersect with the neck and you would see some artifacts. It wasn’t a hard fix we just added a Lattice constrained to the neck joint closest to where the fur was being affected.


For this shot we rendered a separate reflection pass which we just used the plate as a displacement of the surface to break up the reflection.


For this shot, I had to animated a shadow caster to be in time with when it crosses the path of the goose. As well as give some fake bounce of the wall but it probably wasn’t strong enough to be seen.


The renderer we used was Redshift which is really fast, even still this should took the longest to render mainly because there were two of them to render. A lot of fixing of feathers this shot.


This shot also took a long time to render as well as making proxy people to block out the light and shadow the geese.

Overall fun project to work on although some shots had some high long render times.