Female Survivor

With all the survival games coming out I wanted to kind of hop on and create my own character. So I decide to great a female survivor who would fit somewhere in the DayZ universe(Basically in alternate modern day)

So I set about with some research on gear etc and making a concept to follow.

People thought she was taking a selfie haha, but in the head she was just using it as her navigation……then again if the world has gone to crap don’t think GPS would be working


With the concept and a idea of what I want to make I go to zbrush to start on the head

I had to remember, wait it’s suppose to be kind of apocalyptic sooooo shouldn’t really have make up on.

After the head was at a state I was happy with I moved onto making the clothes and accessories. With this one I didn’t have experience with Marvelous Designer so I had to just sculpt everything and just use A LOT of reference.


The hardest part was definitely the jacket and I knew there would be a lot of sculpting for this.


I also went back to fix up the face give a bit more scaring and give her almost like a sad look as well try and reflect the environment around.


A bit of going back and fourth between different areas to keep my eyes fresh as well as not burn myself out.


Finally was getting somewhere with the jacket so I would move on to different areas.

Making some more extra parts as well as sculpting the pants


Went back and gave her a bag as well as made the Pistol in Maya to put in.

For the pistol I use to own a CZ-75 SP-01 Shadow and I liked the CZ-75 so I wanted to make a compact version of it but give it the accessories I like but can’t get in my country. So I ended up going with the P-01 with a threaded barrel and a surefire light.


I wasn’t too sure how detailed I should go but I thought well if I make it decently detailed then it can be used for the first person view as well.

The finished P-01, but still need to add the surefire light

Now it’s completed with the surefire light. Maybe in the future I will add a holosight to it, although I am not too sure how they attach for the P-01 maybe a custom gun smith job to have it placed just in front of the rear sights.