Practice Sculpt – Game of Thrones



A Game of Thrones – Sophie Turner

Getting really into A Game of thrones I decided to give making a go at Sansa Stark or Sophie Turner a go. As usual I would first go through and get as much research and reference images of Sophie as I could.

I knew for this I would want to do the render in Arnold as I was interested in learning it as well as use Marvelous Designer because I was also interested in learning that as well.

Modeling & Sculpting – zBrush

Normally I like to model the base in Maya first so I can place the edge loops where I want, however this takes more time. So this time I decided to just try and start from scratch in ZBrush


A lot of times I find myself at a stage of the sculpting where no matter what I do the sculpt just looks like ass. But you just have to push through, unless you really do hit a brick wall then take some time away to refresh your eyes.

With the head made I took the head to Marvelous Designer to make a simple hood as well as sculpt out a simple body which won’t need much detail since it will be covered.

With her clothes made I go back over just for some small finger detail as well give her some proxy hair which I find helps identify her more.

After this I give her a bit of colour and add some extra layer of sculpting to the fabric as well as make her belt.

After a while of being away I come back to give her some more work on the face, adding some fine detail as well.


With a bit of extra detail done I take it to Maya and do some texturing as well as try some rendering in Arnold.

Texturing & Rendering

Different workflow but a lot of the core mechanics for textures remain the same. But still a lot of learning. The renders take quite a long time as well, I wanted to try and hand paint everything since I felt I could learn more this way.

Trying out different HDRI and trying to get some hair to look right. Using Yeti to do the hair but since it is new to me there is a lot of learning to go with it as well.

After some time and being busy with work I finally came back and had another quick chance to take a look at this. Arnold has progressed more and advanced in it’s technique for doing SSS so I wanted to come back to try it. Hoping to eventually come back to this since there is a decent base to build of