Police Officer

I was talking to a company who were making a police simulator game. They were interested in hiring me as a Character Artist. So I thought I would in my spare time make a police officer as a test as well as for practice.

First off I did some research on some of the accessories I would be making. For the glock I took down the measurements as a base to build of. Same with the taser.

I use to go shooting quite a lot, although I did not own a Glock I did get the chance to shoot my friends one. Some of the details I didn’t realize until I actually got some time with the firearm was things like, the barrel tilts up to help make it easier to load the next round.

The fire pin gives a distinct rectangle shape impact on the primer after a round has been used. Small details that you probably wouldn’t really see but still nice to know, also I am always one for a lot of small details add to a big one.

After having the hard surface detail modeling done I moved onto the clothes I had a base mesh I made and moved into Marvelous Designer to make the clothing.

It took sometime as I had to do a lot of research on the police clothing, some departments wear different styles. Since I was making for Australia I had to look into the Australian police department.

After having a suitable design and getting the folds how I wanted I moved onto sculpting some extra detail as well as making a head.

After having the sculpting done I moved back to Maya to start making the low poly version and getting it ready for baking.

I had to separate all the pieces so I could get a clean bake.


Not long after my work on this I was given work on something else so I would have to come visit this another time.

Not too sure what happened to the game or studio I think they are still going. I wish them all the best with their game