Paddle Pops – Duo Pops & Twister

Paddlepop Ad I helped out on while at Cirkus

Paddle Pop / Duo Pops: Flying Fox 20″ (Cirkus version) from Cirkus on Vimeo.

Paddle Pop / Twister: Higga’s Lab 30″ (Cirkus version) from Cirkus on Vimeo.

Duo Pop

I made the product demo Modeling,Texturing,Shaders(Redshift) as well as the shader work for all the characters as well as some texture fixes


For the Product shot something fun I did was have the AO drive a mask as well as a displacement map so that the chocolate pieces that land on it would have a transition. Instead of just intersecting geo.

I used the AO as a mask so that when the chocolate chucks came close enough then you would see the displacement map. A limitation of this would be if there was something else that came close to it and created AO it would also act as a mask.

Luckily I knew it would only be the chocolate bits only.


Product Demo Modeling,Texturing and Shaders(Redshift)


For this ad I mainly worked on the product shot, making the shader as well as modeling the product.

A bit excessive

Something really interesting as well as excessive for these ads. They had props made of the product which looked amazing but not edible, which  makes sense since if it was real ice cream block they would just mount.

They put it on my table so I could use it as reference for modeling so there was about 13 or so of them sitting on my desk. Which I already thought wouldn’t just 3 or so be more than enough for the shoot etc?

Then they told me each one cost about $1000(NZD) to make. So I had about $13,000(NZD) worth of FAKE ice cream sitting on my desk.