Cirkus – E-Waste

Another TVC I helped out with. Making a generic mesh for the characters so rigs could be used on multiple characters. Tweaking the characters models to fit the Creative Directors vision as well as texturing the mum,sister,Dad,Female worker and male worker.


Some of the challenges I had with this was that I was given the models from another artist but the art director felt the characters weren’t matching his vision. So I actually sat down with him and we both went through and made the changes. Never fun to have someone hovering over your shoulder watching everything you do.

But it was his vision that we needed to match so it was worth it, being fast and able to make quick changes on the fly as he spoke was the important thing I learned from this project.

“Take your E-Waste to a Better Place” (Sustainability Victoria) by Cirkus from Cirkus on Vimeo.