Comicon Challenge 2015 – Uchiha Cassandra

I decided to enter the comicon challenge 2015 online. Basically the theme was fusion take two characters and fuse them together. So for me I decided to fuse Uchiha Sasuke and Cassandra Cain from the batman series.

First Research and References


I wasn’t too sure what I was looking for so I tried some concepts.

At first the design just looked like putting the two characters together. I got some nice feedback and decided to go more one direction. So I thought more about how would Batgirl look in the Naruto Universe. So I went back and did some more concepting and came out with something I liked.

With a design I wanted to go with although still a bit in the air since I was modeling I could change some somethings I started in zBrush since for me it is a bit faster I could fix Topology afterwards.


Looking back now makes me think what was I thinking but I guess that is progress. With the body made I move on to the head.


I went back into maya and started to make the other pieces of the character as well as bringing it back into zBrush to do some texture painting.

I used a bit of Marvelous Designer mainly to use as reference for how to sculpt the cloth in zBrush. I did this so I could learn Marvelous Designer as well as try and hone my cloth sculpting skills in zBrush.

The thick rope was made with curves. I would first make the base shape with a curve then I would make two separate circle nurbs that would animate along the curve twisting as it moves. Then I would make either a animation sweep or a snapshot to create the twisting rope effect.

With most of it done I still needed to go back into Maya and make the low poly versions to bake on to. I prefer Maya because of the modeling tools it has and I am more fluent in Maya then topogun.

For the cape I just modelled it in Maya I knew it would eventually be cloth sim so nothing special was done except to try and have even polys and have it in a rested state.

After all the modeling was done and the low poly version was made I would move it to xNormals or Knald for baking. Then for texturing I took the model into Substance painter

The deadline was fast approaching so I didn’t have much time to screen shot the process. But it was fun working on this. I rigged the character using Advanced Skeleton a free auto rigger for Maya. Although there was a lot of tweaking needed to get it to work for my character.

I learned a lot from working on this and would love to revisit this some day soon as I like the design.

I used Marmoset Toolbag 2 for rendering the character

A turn table can be found here

Some extra images