Comicon Challenge 2014 – Laura Kinney

I decided to try my hand at the comicon challenge this year. I have some free time and I always see amazing art made for this competition so I wanted to give my hand a go as well.

I decided to make X23 of the X-Men she is one of my favorite characters.


I like this version of Laura so I decided to try and make a version that follows along these lines.


First off was sculpting the head which was started from a sphere and then just using dynamesh to get the detail I want


Then also the body then afterwards, the body was made from spheres as well then just dynameshed until I get the details I want.

Next is her clothes, since she is a teen and she has a bit of the teen punk look I wanted to try and give her something along the lines of that.

I wasn’t too sure what I would do for the hair, so I just went with the normal hair cards. I haven’t had too much experience with hair cards but you have to start somewhere.


With all the basics in there I move onto doing a detail pass. I wanted her to look like she was in combat etc. Though she has Logan’s healing abilities so I would have blood coming from wounds that had healed up. But this might also look weird as for people who don’t know about her abilities might just think I did it wrong.

With detailing done I move onto texturing in Substance Painter. I haven’t used Substance painter much so it will be nice learning experience as well.

Actually not too hard to use and I enjoyed it. It’s nice to be able to paint directly on your model as well as not have to worry about seams as much. Next up is taking it to Marmoset Toolbag to do some rendering.

Thanks to a friend rigging the character for me, and so I made a environment for her quickly tried to make her look quite wounded.

Final images as well as some information images