{Tips} – Useful Tips (maybe)

This Section will have some useful tips that I’ve come across.


Maya 2011 – Copying objects translate,rotation,scale quickly.

Say you have a eyeball in exactly the right place and you don’t want to move it at all. You then find out that wasn’t the sphere you were suppose to use for whatever reason so you import the right want and have to put it in exactly the right place.

Try this, import the correct object select it then shift select the object in the correct place. Now click on Translate X so it looks like you want to edit the value. Instead of typing in a value just press “tab” which goes to the next box which is Translate Y keep pressing tab all the way to the end and you’ll see that the values have all been copied over.

The neat thing about this is you can do it to say just the translate or just the rotation, also if there are multiple things that you need to copy you can as well. Just make sure the value you want to copy is the last object selected.


Maya 2011 – Select Edge Loop and Delete

This one is quite simple. Say you have a whole bunch loops you want to delete, it can be pretty annoying having to select the edge and either double clicking on it or painfully going around and selecting edge after edge.

You can select the edge loop you want to delete and deleting it by doing this. Select the edge hold ctrl + right mouse then go to “Edge Loop Utilities” which is at the 4 O’Clock direction, then select “To Edge Loop and Delete”. This will select the edge loop and then delete it.

You can add this command to a shortcut or to the shelf, I have mine mapped to Ctrl + Alt + D (shift). The Mel  command for it is “PolyConvertToLoopAndDelete;” minus the “” make sure the ; is at the end.


Photoshop CS5 – Re-size brush using the mouse

This one is pretty simple and was found by accident not too sure if it’s well known or not.

Another way to re-size the brush size in Photoshop besides from using brackets [ ]. If you have the brush select hold alt (eyedropper) then hold right click and drag this will re-size the size of your brush.

It can be re-sized pretty fast like this.

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