Guilty Gear – Jam Kuradoberi

one of my favorite characters as well as characters that I play as in Guilty Gear is Jam. I wanted to create my own version of her since she hasn’t been added to Guilty Gear Xrd yet.

so with some research from the older guilty gears I made a start.


I go into zbrush and just create some really simple shapes which I dynamesh so I can freely sculpt how I want.


That leg looks painful. But I keep at it and just keep adding to the model


You do not want to know what kind of research I had to do to get reference for this pose. Actually it was mostly just Ballet


Then finally get to make the clothes


Made some very basic shapes to sculpt the detail from in Maya then imported into zBrush.


Concentrating on the cloth as well as some research

For the skirt In maya I would just raise every second edge but to get the topology right and have them going down each of the bumps I took it into topogun first to get the flow I wanted.

Next was to concentrate on the arm sleeve thingys

Then a bit of work on the face and bringing it all together. I’m not too sure how I will approach the hair yet.