{Tutorial} – combine Normal Maps and Bump Maps in Maya[2011]

How to combine normal maps with bump maps.

(Maya 2011 but should work for older versions too)

So I’ll just start simple, I have a blinn here

Next I plug in my normal map or bump map, it doesn’t matter which order. I will first plug in my bump map just for the hell of it.

So that was pretty simple I clicked on the little checkerboard next the “Bump Mapping” box in my blinn shader. I then click on a file node and it automatically creates the Bump2D.

Next I create another file and Bump2D node. File can be found under “2D Textures” category and the Bump2D can be found under “Utilities” make sure you click the 2D bump not the 3D bump(never actually used the 3d one before I think).

Just take a quick render to show the bump. Dunno why the side is like that, you can see it in my preview window of the file texture node as well but meh doesn’t matter


if you render out Jpegs from Maya there is actually a quality setting, by default it is set to 75, 100 being the highest quality. To set it to 100 locate your Maya.env file, mine was here C:\Users\Mat\Documents\maya\2011-x64 open up Maya.env with notepad, it should be empty if not no worries, enter this in “AW_JPEG_Q_FACTOR = 100;” with out the “” then save it and it should be all good.

Okay next I create another 2D Bump node and file node which I plug my normal map into the file which is plugged into the value of the Bump 2D.

Most important thing to change for the bump 2D is the bump type change it from “Bump” to “Tangent Space Normals”. As you can probably tell I’m using Maya 2011, looks nice with the dark theme but man is the Hypershade slllllllooo~



for some stupid reason there has been many times when I create a 2D bump node and change the bump type to Tangent space, Maya would just crash. So SAVE! this usually happens when I click to make the bump from with in a material but if I make it by going to utilities then changing the bump type straight away it USUALLY doesn’t crash.

Next is the tricky part that isn’t tricky if you know where to look. Drag your SECOND bump 2D node onto your first one and choose “other”

awwww my cursor doesn’t show up. Anyway after you click on other you will get another box which is the connection editor

What you probably want to do first is go up to the top to “Right Display” and choose the bottom option “Show Hidden” if it isn’t checked already.

When that is done your new connection editor should look like this.  Assuming that “Show Hidden” wasn’t checked on before hand.

So what you want is this, in the left box look for outNormal, you’ll probably have to scroll down to the bottom. In the right box you want to look for normalCamera it’s around the middle. So in the left box click on outNormal and in the right box click normalCamera it should look like this.

And that should be it. Your Hypershade network should look something like this now.

That should be it, let’s just do a quick render to take a look.

It’s not very obvious with the textures I’ve used but if you look just above the symbol you can see wrinkles that weren’t there before. To save your lazy bum from having to scroll back up to the top I will put down 3 renders to show you the difference.



Normp or Bumal (Normal + Bump)


It shouldn’t matter what order you do it but I think I do remember once it didn’t work for me for some reason. So I think I did it with just the bump first then I added the Normal and it worked. If not try going the other way where you connect the normal up first then bump.


Thats how you combine a normal map with a bump map in Maya 2011. It should work for you, you can probably find some other tutorials online that explain the same thing and probably better than I did as well.

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