Quiton – Cupid

I helped worked on this ad while at Finch.

Quilton – Cupid from FINCH on Vimeo.

This project was a fun new challenge for me. I was working at a studio I have never been to before and the 3D department was mainly me and another artist who was a Animator.

First thing to tackle was the clouds, It was fun to learn some new technical skills however also frustrating. Fluids can look awesome but are really slow to work with.

I had to learn how to make fluid clouds for this ad some of the big challenges we faced were render times. We had used Arnold to render and we ended up resorting to using cloud render service to get our renders out. For many of the clouds at a distance we used just cards of the clouds we had rendered to save on time.

I was given the baby model and textures but had to transfer it over to Arnold because the studio that made it was using Vray. I ended up using custom ALshaders for the character as well as tweaking the textures to have them read more.

I was actually quite happy with how it turned out although this project was in limbo for quite a long time and I didn’t see the render until about a year and a half later