Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 – Baiken Fan Art



Guilty gear was always a game I liked to play although now a days I don’t have as much time as well as I’m just not as fast as I use to be. I remembered when I first played I started off with Jam, then I tried Baiken.

When the New Guilty Gear game out with it’s 3D cell shading they didn’t include either Jam or Baiken which had me disappointed but they eventually got added in. When I saw Baiken’s redesign I knew I wanted to try and do a fan model of it.


As always research first

Then some more research for clothes, face etc.

So with a basic mesh already from a older piece I did I already had somewhere to go from instead of having to spend the time to build up from scratch again. Although I actually do like doing this sometimes since I tend to learn new things along the way again.


So just a bunch of sculpting to try and get the shapes I want as well as not needing to worry about some of the parts that we just won’t see.


I ended up taking the model back into maya to make the additional pieces like eye patch etc. Also took it into Marvelous Designer to make the clothes as well as sim it to get some nice drapery.

After the sculpt bringing in the extra pieces to do a bit of extra detail like sculpting smaller folds and details for the jacket etc.

As well as trying out some Fibermesh to make hair. Although I am thinking of looking into using xgen for the hair since it is already in Maya and has some nice new grooming tools for it.