Bounty Hunter



Bounty Hunter – Online Competition

Back way in the day before artstation was a thing there was another popular website called CGHub which has since shut down. There was a monthly character competition that they held back then and this one had the theme of “Bounty Hunter” I decided to enter it.

I already had a early idea of what I would have wanted to do which was a bounty hunter from the Warhammer 40k universe, more specifically a Eldar Bounty hunter. I think now a days they call the race Aeldari.

Research & Concept

As anything being started I needed plenty of reference and get whatever ideas I could so I went on to the good old internet to find what I could as well as “try” and draw some designs. The story I had come up with was a Eldar lost in space and forced to become a bounty hunter to survive so she would have some of her armor from when she was a Storm Guardian.

However not all her armor survived so she would be using some of the human armor too. I liked the Victorian styled clothing so wanted to implement some of that, but looking back you don’t really get to see much of it anyway.

I wanted to give her a mask as well, so the front part of her helmet and have it placed kind of like how the Anbu from Naruto have their masks. As for the gun I picked some style of firearms I like such as the M14 I liked the silhouette of the M14 especially the EBR version.

With some research on the design I try to do some drawing of what I would like the design to be like. Although I’m not very good at drawing I wanted to at least get some of the ideas down. Also since I am the one making the 3D model I can design quite a lot of it as I am making it as well.

Looking back at these…………what the heck was I thinking


Modeling was nothing special just typical Box modeling in Maya. Again since I was designing and making it at the same time I had more freedom of deciding what I could make

I tried to make a loin cloth for her but ended up not going with it. Can’t actually remember why I didn’t now. At this stage I had no idea what I was going to do for the hair. but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

I try posing the character a bit trying to think of what I can go with. I try something basic which doesn’t work for me

But I finally came up with something I liked, I just did a quick simple rig then I would take it into zbrush to do some detailing although not too much since the armor is suppose to be made of Bone.

Sculpting – zBrush

Don’t actually have much detail screenshots of the sculpting. Next was to go into Maya and start texturing which I also don’t have too much screenshot of either.


Some really simple textures looking back. Just photo textures of whatever I could find online.

After this it was finally time for lighting then rendering. I was using Mental Ray back then


Lighting was a simple 3 light setup just trying to light up the model while keeping some of the edge highlights

With not too much time left I rendered out what I could and quickly made some kind of shoes for her. For the hair I ended up just taking it into photoshop and just drawing the hair in 2D


And then here we are with the final image. I was quite happy with the outcome of it back then and I also won the competition so lucky for me 🙂