Paddle Pops – Pirates

The first project I worked on at StudioLocal

Paddle pops – Pirates from Studio Local on Vimeo.

The aspects I was responsible for were

  • Pirate Ship(Modeling)
  • Octopus Character(Modeling)
  • Tweaks to Pirate characters to be more in line with concept art
  • Product(Modeling,Texturing,Animation)

For the Pirate ship I was in charge of modeling, I was given a concept to match. Trying to match the concept wasn’t too hard although some areas didn’t work. I don’t have images since I was there only for the contract then went on to other jobs.

Couple of the parts I enjoyed doing were the side climbing ropes as well as the planks for the Hull. The Hull was done in quite a simple way. I made the overall shape then I would just make it a live object and have predefined sized plank almost shrink wrap onto it then I would cut vertical loops so I can split them and extrude it.


This way I would be able to keep the Planks all the same thickness as well as height, but to stylize it I have some parts maybe peeling a bit or not fit perfectly to break up the look.


For the climbing ropes I made ropes or pretty much just cylinders in a grid pattern. Then I would just make a plane with subdivisions to be my deformer and just deform the rope into shape.

The benefits of this as well as what I intended to happen but since I moved on from modeling didn’t get a chance to implement, was with the much lower poly plane you could turn it into a dynamic cloth sim and have it blow in the wind which then drives the ropes. The down side although I think for saving time in the sim is that each section of rope won’t react individually to the wind but for speed vs quality I think it is a fair trade off.

As for the Octopus character I was in charge of modeling him too. The main difficulty with this was just the tentacles. More just repetition of making the suction cups and integrating it into the tentacles. But still trying to keep in mind which way would be easiest for whoever has to rig it. Because I know I wouldn’t have fun rigging it(Sorry Dan)

For all the pirate characters I actually sad down the the art director and went through and tweaked the characters with him. This was good because he could get instant feedback on what he wanted but then challenging because sometimes you would get asked for what he believes is a small change but actually takes some time to do.

So I found to make the changes that show the most aesthetically first then worry about fixing the topology and other technical things after we have the look.

For the Product there were quite a lot of iteration and work put into it since it’s the most important shot. Also they did give us some photo reference of the product but the quality were really poor and hearing some of the mechanics of how the product was suppose to work was quite difficult.

It’s suppose to do what now? Peel like a banana? but it’s ice cream how does that happen? Oh it’s Jelly? Can you send us a photo or video of how it works? Oh okay

Still pretty fun to work on. Most challenging for this was getting it to work exactly how they wanted. Clients are always really picky with their product shots which makes sense because they are trying to sell the product.